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If you would like your story to appear on the website or Storiesthatspook Facebook page-

Then use the contact form below or go onto our Facebook page and send a message. You will then be sent an email to send your story to.

Your story to appear on Storiesthatspook will be free of charge and will help gain more readers to read your work.

This has been set up to help aspiring writers gain more coverage for their work.


1. Please do not send stories that involve violence, nudity, racism or anything else along those lines.

2. These stories will also be read by young adults so please keep your work clean.

3. If your story is chosen then there will be a copyright logo added to your work (copyright is yours). Your name will also appear at the top of your story.

4. All stories that are submitted will be read carefully and if approved, will go onto the website and the Storiesthatspook Facebook page for people to read.

5. Please be patient as there are a high amount of stories being submitted and your story will be read as soon as possible.

6. Once we have contacted you back about your story (if approved), we shall ask for a short authors bio about yourself and any links to your work that you wish to add.

7. You do not have to be an author to submit your work, this is for anyone.

8. Please make sure this is your own work that you are submitting. (Any stolen stories will be taken down immediately if they appear not to be your own work.)

9. Submit your story at your own risk. Storiesthatspook  shall not be held accountable for any work that has been used or taken. Unfortunately sometimes stories can be taken and used without an authors permission so if you have seen that your work has been taken then report it to the website holding your work.

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