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StoriesThatSpook was set up to help aspiring authors/writers like myself get the recognition for our writing that we deserve. 

StoriesThatSpook specialise’s in horror/thriller stories that have a twist or a cliffhanger to keep the reader wanting to read more. 



About The Founder

Willow Hewett is a 26-year-old mother of two and lives in the smallest city in the country. 

She is the founder of ‘Storiesthatspook’, where she writes short thriller/horror stories for her audience to read. She has currently got over 7000 readers, and that number is climbing daily. She also has a short story published in an online magazine called ‘Highly Unusual’.

She has come second place in a recent writing competition which will also be going into a book. Her recent story ‘The Writer Of Death’ has been read aloud on a podcast called ‘PocketPulp’. She has been writing all of her life, but only recently (This year) she has set up ‘Storiesthatspook’  and has also started submitting her work to magazines/competitions. 

She writes in her spare time, working around her job as a carer. She came up with the storyline for her novel (Past My Time- The Witch’s Curse) at twelve years old but had only started writing it last year. There are two more books of the ‘Past My Time’ series still to come, and she is currently writing the second book of the series. The series is historical/adventure genre and is aimed for young adults readers.

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Photo by Ivo Rainha on
Photo by Ivo Rainha on

This Blog will be updated weekly so #staytuned.

Founder- Willow Hewett

About Me

Hi, I believe in helping other people as much as possible. That is why I have founded StoriesThatSpook to help writers/authors gain extra readers for their work.

So please share this website, follow StoriesThatSpook on facebook and follow on Twitter/Instagram to spread awareness to help as many writers as possible!

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“The best people are the ones who help others”

Willow Hewett