Short Stories That Will Give You A Fright

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“Life isn’t fun without a little fear” – Willow Hewett

The Founder Of StoriesThatSpook


StoriesThatSpook was set up to help aspiring authors/writers get the recognition for their writing that they deserve. 

StoriesThatSpook specialise’s in horror/thriller stories that have a twist or a cliffhanger to keep the reader wanting to read more. 

Stories will be uploaded every few weeks or sooner. You can also send in your stories to be uploaded too, which will help you gather a larger audience. (Free of charge).  You can send in any story in horror/thriller/crime/sci-fi genre, or if you have something completely different, we shall also take it into consideration. 

We aim to help as many writers as possible by displaying their work on this website and also our Facebook page, to help gain more readers. 

In this day and age, it is a lot harder to get noticed. Back in the day, you could send in your manuscript and it was a lot easier to be accepted. But now you have to have followers, readers, websites, a page detailing how many pieces of work that has already been published etc. 

It is a lot easier to publish your work by yourself, which could be better, as the days of traditional publishing is fading away.

But if you still want to go down the traditional publishing route, then you need to start building a good portfolio, with a large following base to help you get noticed. 

This is where StoriesThatSpook come in, to help writers reach a bigger audience. We know that in this day and age, it is hard to get noticed and harder to get published. There are so many talented writers in the world who get turned away so abruptly, but all is not lost. So many writers these days are turning to self publishing which can help them gain more readers. 

If you have any ideas of a story idea that you would like for Storiesthatspook to put into a story then leave a comment (no racism, sexism, violence please). Or if you have a story which you would like to put on this website then please contact or email the website.

You can find more information on how to submit your story/stories on the ‘Contact Page’ of this website. There, you will find the guidelines and information on submitting your work to StoriesThatSpook.



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Past My Time- The Witch’s Curse

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Come back here when our journey begins.

The Face Behind StoriesThatSpook

Author- Willow Hewett

“A Writer Only Begins A Book. A Reader Finishes it” – Samuel Johnson

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